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Report: Understanding Nanoconfinement and Interfaces in Polymer
May 19, 2019


报告题目:Understanding Nanoconfinement and Interfaces in Polymer Materials via Predictive Multiscale Modeling

报 告 人:夏文杰 助理教授






Natural and engineered structural (load-bearing) composites often achieve remarkable mechanical performance by confining their microphases in smaller dimensions. However, understanding and predicting their thermomechanical properties are very challenging due to their complex hierarchical microstructures and interfaces within the systems. In this talk, I will present a multi-scale computational paradigm for understanding these complex phenomena occurring in nanocomposite materials. I will first present scale-bridging computational techniques, namely the coarse-grained modeling approach, for simulating polymer and 2D materials at extended time and length scales. Following this, I will discuss several cases where the coupling between nanoconfinement and interface leads to intriguing phenomena as observed in polymer nanostructured materials. I will describe how nanoconfinement could be utilized to achieve high strength and toughness in layered nanocomposite through bio-inspiration. Drawing an analogy between thin films and nanocomposites, I will illustrate how understanding thin film can help us design better load-bearing composites using renewable materials, such as nanocellulose.




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