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Report:How far can we go in chemical self-assembly ?
Mar 5, 2019

报告题目:How far can we go in chemical self-assembly ?

报 告 人:Prof. Yong-beom Lim

Department of Materials Science & Engineering, Yonsei University, Korea





Prof. Yong-beom Lim is interested in developing self-assembled biological nanostructures and biomaterials, combining in research the principles of chemistry, biology, physics, medicine, and materials science & engineering. His group controls the self-assembly process to construct tailor-made nanostructures, while trying to understand the fundamental driving force underlying the self-assembly process. The self-assembled nanostructures are being developed to fabricate artificial proteins that can control cellular communications networks, nanocarriers for gene/drug delivery, and, ultimately, bionanomachines that can perform complex and dynamic biological functions. He is on the Editorial Boards of Peptide Science and ChemPlusChem.



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