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REPORT:Biodegradable Biomaterials For Tissue Engineering: Complexity And Unpredictability
Sep 24, 2014

Topic:Biodegradable Biomaterials For Tissue Engineering: Complexity And Unpredictability
Speaker:Dr. João F. Mano
              University of Minho, Portuga

Time:2014/9/29 (Monday) 9:00am
Room: A501, Supramolecular Building
Research Interest:
The current research interests include the development of new materials and multidisciplinary concepts for biomedical applications, especially aimed at being used in tissue engineering of bone and cartilage and in the controlled delivery of bioactive molecules. In particular, projects have been developed on: (i) smart systems (e.g. injectable gels, stimuli-responsive surfaces, swellable-controlled hydrogels, patterned surfaces and particles able to recruit specific cells); (ii) biomimetic approaches (e.g. surfaces with extreme wettability for particles’ processing and platforms for high-throughput analysis, biomimetic macromolecules, bio-inspired materials with improved mechanical properties, mussel-inspired adhesive coatings, supramolecular systems, osteoconductive materials based on nature-inspired biomineralization); and (iii) nanobiomaterials (e.g. nanoparticles for the controlled release of therapeutic molecules and for cell engineering, nanostructured multilayered coatings obtained by layer-by-layer, bioactive nanocomposites, and integration of nano-objects into hybrid and hierarchical systems). He has established combinations of different above-mentioned approaches to produce entirely new concepts that could find application in the biomedical field, especially to be applied in regenerative medicine or controlled delivery systems.



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