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REPORT:Polymer Nanostructures with Modulated Morphologies and Functionalities
Oct 26, 2014

Topic:Polymer Nanostructures with Modulated Morphologies and Functionalities
Speaker:Prof.  Carmen Mijangos
             Institute of Polymer Science and Technology (ICTP), Spain  
Time:2014/10/26 (Sunday )14:30

Room:无机超分子楼 A501
   The fabrication of polymer nanostructures by AAO templates and Microfluids offer the possibility to generate a variety of different with structural definition on the nanometric scale. The properties of the nanostructured materials will depend on both the nature of its molecular constituents and the precise spatial positioning of them and, as the structure becomes smaller than a characteristic length, may be different from those of the bulk. With recent progress in synthetic routes and continuous emerging technologies, it is possible to reproducibly fabricate polymer nanostructures such as spherical functional gels, by microfluiodics (MF) polymer and polymer based composite nanotubes, nanorods and nanowires, etc. by the self-ordered porous alumina template (AAO).  These materials are initiating development of new miniature devices and functional materials that exhibit unique capabilities.
   Microfluidics method offers an advantage strategy for the rapid and continuous generation of polymer microparticles of highly monodisperse distribution size. By microfluidics method it is possible to prepare particles with diameters from several to hundreds of micrometers, a polydispersity below 5%, and shapes and morphologies not achievable in conventional methods. In this presentation, we will describe the fabrication of MF devices and the generation of PLGA particles.
   The self-ordered porous alumina (AAO) template is recognized as one of the most versatile external shape-defined process to fabricate one-dimensional (1D) polymer nanostructures. By the so called alumina “AAO” template synthesis method it is possible to obtain polymer nanofibers, nanorods and nanotubes of very different chemical nature and tailored dimensions. Very recently, we started the study of one-step polymerization of vinyl monomers in AAO nanocavities, used as nanoreactors. In this presentation we will briefly report the radical polymerization of styrene (St) and vinyl fluoracrilate (FA) in ) in AAO nanoreactor.
   Other studies, under progress, on the in situ polymerization will be also mentioned.

Bio Information:

TOP Management:
2004-2008     Manager of Material Science and Technology Area of CSIC (nine Institutes of research)
2000-2004     Manager   of Material Science National Program, Ministery de Science and Innovation

1996-2001     Director of the Instuto de Ciencia y Tecnología de Polímeros, CSIC.

(150 researchers and techincians)

1996-2001     Director of the Journal Revista de Plásticos Modernos.
1996-2001     Director of the Master in Science and Technology of Polymers
                        (recognized by the Ministery of the Science and Technology).
1997-1999      President of the Centro de Química Organica “Manuel Lora Tamayo”.
- h index, h= 30
>200 open literature publications in Science and Technology of Polymers, most of them in the high impact journals (high percentile 75%). And 6 cover page

Awards & Honnors:
Illustrated Scientific of Year, Bilbao Town, 2014
Academician: Full member of the the Basque Academy of Science, JAKIUNDE, 2009-
Vicepresident of the Basque Academy of Science, JAKIUNDE, 2013-
Member of the First Ethic Committee of CSIC, since 2009-
Placa de Honor 2004 de la Asociación Española de Científicos en reconocimiento a la labor investigadora en el campo de los Polímeros y asistencia científico-técnico en las empresas del sector.
Ex-Aequo winner  “Nuevos materiales en la sociedad del siglo XXI” en la final del concurso “Ciencia en Acción, Año 2008. Editora de obra colectiva
Indirect: Supervisor of 5 PhD Thesis students granted with important prizes


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