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Cultivation of Graduates
Nov 9, 2017
Cultivation of Graduates
       Based on the chemical subject which is a National Level-1 Key Discipline of Jilin University, our Laboratory offers master degree and PhD programs under four National Level-2 key disciplines which are polymer chemistry and physics, physical chemistry, organic chemistry and analytical chemistry.

       At present, the laboratory is composed of 32 doctoral supervisors and 17 master advisors. Besides, it has about altogether 300 students including graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.

       For years, the laboratory has persevered in combining its talent training program and scientific research work together and made its effort to cultivate high-qualified innovative talents. For this purpose, the laboratory has taken a series of important measures including controlling the entrance reexamination strictly, strengthening talents ability training, updating the curriculum properly, conferring degrees in strict standards and emphasizing roles of academic advisors, etc.

       The laboratory also takes steps to encourage outstanding students, such as promoting them to strive for scholarships and research fundings which include “Tang Aoqing” Scholarship, Graduate Innovative Research Plan Fund of Jilin University, "Elite Cup” Award for the Academic Achievement for Graduate Students of Jilin University, The Chinese Academy of Sciences Scholarship and other Social scholarships, etc. Besides, the laboratory periodically holds graduate academic report meetings every year to provide an academic exchange and display platform for graduates to cultivate their self-organization and self-improving capability.

       As an important component of the national science and technology innovation system, the laboratory will continue its effort to carry out innovative research, gather and develop high starting-point young talents and research leaders of Supramolecular Chemistry, which will make the laboratory become an important basic research and academic exchange platform as well as a significant base of talent training. So that it will make more contributions to the development of science and technology, the national economic construction and social progress.

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