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Multiscale Assembly
Multiscale Assembly
Nov 10, 2017


As the cross of supramolecular chemistry with material science, life science, information science and nanoscience, the research subjects are expanding from simple supramolecular systems on the basis of intermolecular weak interactions to complex functional systems composed of polymers, biomacromolecules, nanoparticles, colloidal microspheres and other building blocks. In complex supramolecular systems, the functionalities and intelligences not only depend on the chemical components and molecular structures of the materials, but relate to the variety, dimension and order of material microstructures.
In view of complex supramolecular systems, the research works mainly focus on the following parts: preparation of the microstructures and functional building blocks in different scale; establishment of various methods to achieve supramolecular architectures; construction of multiple and multiscale structures in nano- and micro-scale; control of structural ordering by optimizing the parameter and process of self-assembly; exploration of the structure related photoelectric, photonic and biological functionalities and intelligences; and investigation of the relationship between the structures and functionalities.


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