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Zuosen Shi
Associate Professor
Polymer Chemistry/Physics
Photoresists; Polymer Optical Waveguide; Biomacromolecule Materials
Contact Information
Email    shizs@jlu.edu.cn
Office     B312 Supramolecular building, 0431-85168930                
Lab        B510 Supramolecular building, 0431-85168930
Short Biography
Dr. Zuosen Shi obtained a Ph.D. Diploma in chemistry from Jilin University in 2009,Then, He works in Prof. Zhanchen Cui’s group for the State Key Laboratory of Supramolecular Structure and Materials, Jilin University.
Research Interest
The principal effort of our research program is on Functional polymer materials, including flexible low optical loss polymer optical waveguide materials, photo-crosslinking dental materials and robust anti-bacterial coatings.
Honors & Awards

1. Cheng, Q; Asha, A; Liu, Y; Peng, Y; Diaz-Dussan, D; Shi, Z.*; Cui, Z.; Narain, R.*; Antifouling and Antibacterial Polymer-Coated Surfaces Based onthe Combined Effect of Zwitterions and the Natural Borneol, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2021, 13(7): 9006.
2. Cheng, Q.; Ding, S.; Zheng, Y; Wu, M.; Peng, Y.; Diaz-Dussan, D.; Shi, Z*; Liu, Y.; Zeng, H.; Cui, Z.*; Narain, R.*; Dual Cross-Linked Hydrogels with Injectable, Self-Healing, and Antibacterial Properties Based on the Chemical and Physical Cross-Linking, Biomacromolecules, 2021, 22(4): 1685.
3. Cheng, Q.; Guo, X.; Hao, X.; Shi, Z.*; Zhu, S.; Cui, Z.* Fabrication of Robust Antibacterial Coatings Based on an Organic-Inorganic Hybrid System, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2019, 11(45): 42607.
4. Ding, S.; Wang, C.; Shi, X.; Zou, J.; Cheng, Q.; Zhu, J.; Shi, Z.; Cai, Z.*; Chen, C.; Cui, Z.*, Journal of Materials Chemistry C 2019, 7 (16), 4667.
5. Cai, Z.; Zhang, Y.; Song, Y.; Cheng, Q.; Zheng, Y.; Cui, Z.*; Shi, Z.*; Chen, C.; Zhang, D., Materials Chemistry Frontiers 2017, 1 (10), 2031.
6. Cai, Z.; Yu, H.; Zhang, Y.; Li, M.; Niu, X.; Shi, Z.*; Cui, Z. Synthesis and characterization of novel fluorinated polycarbonate negative-type photoresist for optical waveguide. Polymer 2015, 61, 140.
7. Cai, Z.; Wang, B.; Zheng, Y.; Li, M.; Li, Y.; Chen, C.; Zhang, D.; Cui, Z.*; Shi, Z.*. Novel fluorinated polycarbonate negative-type photoresists for thermo-optic waveguide gate switch. Journal of Materials Chemistry C 2016, 4 (3), 533.
8. Li, C.; Li, M.; Li, Y.; Shi, Z.*; Li, Z.*; Cui, Z. New anisopleural spindle-like nonlinear optic (NLO) chromophores with a D-D’-π-A’-A or D-A’-π-D’-A structure: interesting optical behavior and DFT calculation results, Journal of Materials Chemistry C,2016, 4, 8392.


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