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Tianmeng, Sun
Chemistry / Inorganic Chemistry
Nanomaterials, Cancer Therapy, Immunotherapy
Contact Information
Email    tsun41@jlu.edu.cn
Office     307-2 National-Local Joint Engineering Laboratory of Animal Models for Human Diseases,Jilin Unversity, 0431-80539006               
Lab        208 National-Local Joint Engineering Laboratory of Animal Models for Human Diseases, 0431-80539024
Short Biography
Dr. Tianmeng Sun obtained his PhD. in Cell Biology from University of Science and Technology of China,2011. Then, he was trained with Dr. Younan Xia at Georgia Institute of Technology, U.S.A. In 2014, Dr. Tianmeng Sun became a principal investigator at Jilin University. Since 2019, he has been the Deputy Director of the Key Laboratory of Organ Regeneration and Transplantation of the Ministry of Education.
Research Interest
The principal effort of our research program is on the development of nanomaterials for safe and efficient immunotherapy for tumors, autoimmune diseases and organ transplantation. Specifically, we have three major focuses: 1) Reprogram the immune microenvironment of tumors; 2) induce immune tolerance; 3) develop vaccine adjuvants.
Honors & Awards
2014 NSFC Outstanding Young Scientists Fund;
2014 Changbai Mountain Distinguished Professorship;
2022 First Prize of Jilin Provincial Natural Science Award.

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