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Yulan Chen
Polymer chemistry and Physics
Polymer mechanochemistry
Mechano-responsive polymeric materials

Contact Information
Email    yulanchen@jlu.edu.cn
Short Biography
Yulan Chen received her bachelor’s degree (2005) at Jilin University and Ph.D. degree (2010) from the Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences. During 2010–2014, she did postdocs in Eindhoven University of Technology and Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research. During September 2014–July 2021, she was appointed as a professor for polymer chemistry at Tianjin University, China. Since August 2021, she joined in the State Key Laboratory of Supramolecular Structure and Materials at Jilin University.
Research Interest
Polymer mechanochemistry;
Mechano-responsive polymeric materials
Honors & Awards
Excellent Young Scholars of Natural Science Foundation of China (2015)
Distinguished Young Scholars of Natural Science Foundation of Tianjin (2017)
Tianjin Innovation Talent Promotion Plan (2017)

[ Selected Publications ]
1. Wu, M.; Chen, Y.* Developing Real-Time Mechanochromic Probes for Polymeric Materials. Chem, 2021, 7, 838.
2. Wu, M.; Guo, Z.; He, W.; Yuan, W.; Chen, Y.* Empowering Self-reporting Polymer Blends with Orthogonal Optical Properties Responsive in a Broader Force Range. Chem. Sci., 2021, 12, 1245.
3. Wang, Y.; Li, M.; Yan, C.; Ma, N.; Chen, Y.* Diazocine as a Versatile Building Block Enables Excellent Photo-Switching and Chromic Properties in Self-Assembled Organogels. CCS Chem. 2021, 3, 883.
4. Li, X.; Li, J.; Wei, W.; Yang, F.; Wu, M.; Wu, Q.; Xie, T.; Chen, Y.* Enhanced Mechanochemiluminescence from End-Functionalized Polyurethanes with Multiple Hydrogen Bonds. Macromolecules 2021, 54, 1557.
5. Yuan, W.; Cheng, J.; Li, X.; Wu, M.; Han, Y.; Yan, C.; Zou, G.*; Müllen, K.; Chen, Y.* 5,6,12,13‐Tetraazaperopyrenes as Unique Photonic and Mechanochromic Fluorophores. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2020, 59, 9940.
6. Deng, Y.; Yuan, Y.; Chen, Y.* Covalently Cross-Linked and Mechanochemiluminescent Polyolefins Capable of Self-Healing and Self-Reporting. CCS Chem. 2020, 2, 1316.
7. Yuan, Y.; Chen, W.; Ma, Z.; Deng, Y.; Chen, Y.; Chen, Y.*; Hu, W.* Enhanced Optomechanical Properties of Mechanochemiluminescent Poly(methyl acrylate) Composites with Granulated Fluorescent Conjugated Microporous Polymer Fillers. Chem. Sci. 2019, 10, 2206.
8. Yuan, W.; Ren, X.-K.; Li, M.; Guo, H.; Han, Y.; Wu, M.; Wang, Q.; Li, M.; Chen, Y.* From S,N-Heteroacene to Large Discotic Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs): Liquid Crystal versus Plastic CrystallineMaterials with Tunable Mechanochromic Fluorescence. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2018, 57, 6161.
9. Ducrot, E.; Chen, Y.; Bulters, M.; Sijbesma, R. P.; Creton, C.* Toughening Elastomers with Sacrificial Bonds and Watching Them Break. Science 2014, 344, 186.
10. Chen, Y.; Spiering, A. J. H.; Karthikeyan, S.; Peters, G. W. M.; Meijer, E. W.; Sijbesma, R. P.* Aggregation-Dependent Photoreactive Hemicyanine Assembly as a Photobactericide. Nat. Chem. 2012, 4, 559.

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