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Yuqing Wu
Biophysical Chemistry

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Contact Information
Email    yqwu@jlu.edu.cn
Office     A309 Supramolecular building
Lab        B414, B215
               Supramolecular building
Short Biography
Dr. Wu was born in Henan Province, China. She studied Analytical Chemistry at Changchun Institute of Geology and graduated in 1989. She acheived her Master’s Degree (1995) and Ph. D (1998) at Jilin University, major in Physical Chemistry. In September 1998, she moved to work in Prof. Ozaki’s group as a Postdoc. Fellow in KwanseiGakuin University, Japan, she worked mainly on the Two-dimensional correlation spectroscopic studies of secondary structural changes of protein in solutions, and also the Chemometric analysis of NIR spectra. Later, she joined Prof. Ozaki’s group twice again in 2000 and 2002 as a Visiting Professor. In 2001, she also visited Prof. Buchet’s group (Department of Chemistry-Biochemistry, University of Lyon I, France) as a Visiting Professor. In 2001, she was approved to a full professor of Jilin University in Chemistry.
Research Interest
The research program is directed towards the molecular recognition and assembly, subtle structural variation and the mechanism investigation in biological, medical, and chemical systems. Current efforts in this group are mainly focused on the clarification of weak interaction in supramolecular assembly and the subtle structural variations induced by the folding-unfolding, aggregation-disaggregation and/orassembly-disassembly of proteins, by using various spectroscopic techniques, finally to probe the intrinsicmechanisms. The design and synthesis offluorophore probes, inhibitors, and the mechanism studies have always been a great chanlenges in this group.
Honors & Awards
New Century Excellent Talents in University (NCET), 2006.

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