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Helical Architectures Constructed by Dynamic Covalent Bonds with Amplification of Chirality
Jan 8, 2015

Dynamic Covalent Helical Architecturesthe construction on the helical architectures based on dynamic covalent bonds remains a great challenge, It has so far been realized in inorganic metal-coordinated system. Herein, we design a spontaneous selection system in which achiral and chiral building blocks are capable of self-organizing into helical structures accompanying with the chiral amplification. On the basis of dynamic covalent chemistry and the design of new helical codon, we have developed a type of organic helical structures. The dynamic helical structures are stable that we can isolate and fully characterize them. This work was recently reported by Junqiu Liu’s group in Chemical Communications. (Chem. Commun., 2014, 50, 14744-14747 )

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