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    古往今来,在对客观世界物质规律的探求中,科学家们作为凡人的一员发挥了其他凡人所不具备的非凡想象力,获得了无数让后人景仰和叹为观止的里程碑式的发现。不仅如此,在这些为人类社会进步带来的卓越贡献背后,也不断重复上演着极富戏剧性、有时甚至是惊心动魄的故事,既有拨云见日(如燃素说批判)、合二为一(如波粒二相性)、也有殊途同归(如微积分)。在更换网页的时候,我无意卖弄自己,亦不想例述经典,只是在阅读一篇最近发表的评述文章(Chem. Rev. 2013, 113, 734-777)的时候,似乎又看到了昨天的故事。
    金属有机骨架化合物(Metal Organic Framework)是近年来发展非常快的领域。相比于分子筛的结构,由于在结构上具有各种精确拓扑孔道结构、起始材料简单多样、合成方便,特别是便于功能化修饰的特性,吸引了化学、材料、生物、能源等领域科学家的广泛关注。在化学领域内,得到了世界范围内从事无机合成、催化、吸附和分离等方面的化学工作者的重视。对于中国的科学工作者来说,这类材料的制备需要的入门条件不高,更易产生投入其中的冲动。目前,这一概念又有了新的拓展,提出了共价有机骨架化合物(Covalent Organic Framework),虽然没有那么浪花四溅,但却饱含河流入海前的看不见的能量。
    与此相对应,随着超分子和自组装化学的发展,另一个重要概念,超分子配合物(Supramolecular Coordination Complex),也被提了出来,而且应该看到,这个领域同样突飞猛进发展背后拥有同样多的热心拥护者。相比于MOF来源于配体与金属形成的无限重复配位结构,同样源于配位化学的但依据不同出发点的SCC研究主要集中在具有有限重复单元的多配位金属中心的配位体系。然而,应该注意到,尽管存在共同的目标和面临的科学挑战,这两个概念的交集还不多。这就产生了一个有趣的问题,发展的终极结果是一个问题的两个方面,还是二者合起来更美呢?

    Through the ages, as a member of the mortal, scientists played an extraordinary imagination over other mortals in the search for the physical laws of the objective world, and won numerous admired and breathtaking landmark discoveries. Not only that, behind these outstanding contributions for the progress of human society, it repeated high drama, even thrilling stories: including not only seeing a break in the clouds (such as phlogiston theory), merging with one another (such as wave-particle duality), but also either way (such as calculus). On the point of webpage updating, I do not intend to show off myself or repeat classic cases, just seem to see the story yesterday when I read a review article recently published (Chem. Rev. 2013, 113, 734-777).
     Metal organic frameworks (MOFs) possesses a very fast development in recent years. Compared with the structure of molecular sieve, MOFs have attracted wide attention from scientists of chemistry, biological materials, energy and other areas due to their various accurate topological pore structures, simple starting chemicals, convenient synthesis method, especially for functional decoration. In the chemical field, MOFs have been engaged in chemical workers in inorganic synthesis, catalysis, adsorption and separation in the world. For Chinese scientific workers, the entry conditions for preparation of MOFs are not high, which attract more attentions. At present, this concept has a new expansion and covalent organic frameworks (COFs) is proposed. Though COFs have not be paid enough attentions, they still possess well prospects for development.
     Corresponding with these, another important concept, supramolecular coordination complexes (SCCs), has been proposed along with the development of supramolecular and self-assembly chemistry. It is worth to be noted that this field also have many enthusiasts, leading to a spurt of progress. Compared with the infinitely repeated coordination structure sourcing from the ligands and metal ions of MOF, SCCs focus on the multi metal centers coordination systems with limited repeat units. However, despising with the common targets and scientific challenges of MOFs and SCCs, the intersection of these two concepts is rarely. This would raise an interesting question with the development of two concepts: two aspects of a problem, or the combination of these two ones?
    Subtleties of supramolecular assembly is to put all kinds of molecular units as a building block for constructing of molecular assembly based on the intermolecular interactions. As the molecular architecture designers and masons, can we give any contributions to the molecular skeleton materials?


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