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REPORT:Functional Supramolecular Hyperbranched Polymer: Controlled Synthesis and Self-assembly
Sep 26, 2017

Topic:Functional Supramolecular Hyperbranched Polymer: Controlled Synthesis and Self-assembly

Speaker:Prof. Wei Tian

              Northwestern Polytechnical University

Time:2017/9/26 9:30am(Saturday)



In the past two decades, supramolecular polymers (SPs) have received much attention due to their dynamic/reversible nature and unique physicochemical characteristics in a wide range of application fields, such as functional materials, biomedicine, and micro/nanotechnology. As one special class of SPs, supramolecular hyperbranched polymers (SHPs), combining the advantages of supramolecular polymers and hyperbranched polymers, have attracted interest due to their unique chemical and physical properties and potential application in many fields such as biochemistry, medicine, and materials science. Furthermore, SHPs exhibit the apparent advantages of reversible and tunable nature, three-dimensional topological structure, high solubility, and plenty of terminal groups. Herein, we summarized our recent work on the investigations of SHPs from three aspects including structural design, molecular assembly, and functional extension.

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