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REPORT: Understanding and Exploiting DNA Function at the Single Molecule Level
Mar 28, 2017

Topic:Understanding and Exploiting DNA Function at the Single Molecule Level
Speaker:Prof. Ralf Seidel
               Leipzig University
Time:2017/3/30  9:30am
Room:Supramolecular Building Auditorium-1

Bio Information:
The Seidel lab at the University of Leipzig, Germany, aims at dissecting the mechanisms of biomolecular machines that are involved in DNA processing and to understand their interplay with  external forces.  To this end the group developes and applies tools that allow to study a single molecule at a time, such as high-resolution magnetic tweezers, single-molecule spectroscopy and correlative mechanical and fluorescence-resonance energy transfer measurements. These methods are applied to study the dynamics of proteins that are involved in DNA repair as well as recently emerging CRISPR-Cas enzymes. In addition, the group exploits DNA nanostructures as nanomechanical tools and to mimic biomineralization for the fabrication of complex shaped metal structures.



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