Welcome to 2DCOS-10!

Welcome to the webpage of The 10th International Symposium on Two-dimensional Correlation Spectroscopy at the Inorganic-Supramolecular Building, Jilin University.

The International Symposium on Two-dimensional Correlation Spectroscopy (2DCOS) is a sequential symposium worldwide. It covers all aspects ranging from theory to applications in various scientific fields such as chemistry, material sciences, nanosciences and biology. Since the first symposium, being held in Sanda, Japan in 1999, it has become an important international forum for the discussion of new developments and extended applications in versatile spectroscopies. Following the great success of the previous nine symposia, the 10th International Symposium on Two-dimensional Correlation Spectroscopy (2DCOS-10), will be held on 19-21 August, 2019 in Changchun, China.

The theme of current symposium will focus on but not limited to supramolecular chemistry and other related disciplines. The 2DCOS-10 will consist of invited lectures, given by outstanding scientists whose exceptionally creative work opens up new frontiers for 2DCOS. Topics of the invited lectures will include versatile spectroscopic investigations on assembly, supramolecular polymers and materials, molecular devices, noncovalent interaction patterns, and supramolecular assemblies for biological applications etc. In addition, there will be poster session allowing for the viewing of a large number of poster presentations which will offer the possibility to students and researchers at their early-stage career to present their scientific work. We sincerely welcome you to join us and your participation will be a great contribution to the success of 2DCOS-10.

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